Alpha Psi Rho 

Brhotherhood, Academics, Prosperity, and Strength

Our Mission Journal

Gamma Chapter; Cal State San Marcos

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“We, the Gentlemen of Alpha Psi Rho, strive to achieve Brotherhood through active participation in the community by promoting Asian/Pacific Islander awareness. Through fostering scholastic achievement, we shall mold future leaders who will actively pursue the apex of life. Our cultural background shall provide us with the strength and unity to attain greatness. Through brotherhood, we will produce high-caliber men who will be triumphant in the face of perseverance. We are the Gentlemen of Alpha Psi Rho.”



“High-caliber men.”

The Gentlemen of Alpha Psi Rho live a Lifestyle reminiscent of Renaissance men: one of self-empowerment, innovation for what a Fraternity can be, and care for the community. Being a Gentleman of Alpha Psi Rho is not a part-time occupation—it’s a way of living. Fueled by challenge, others’ skepticism and a purpose of becoming high-caliber men, Alpha Psi Rho’s fire burns forever. No Brhother “deactivates.” Because of this, Alpha Psi Rho Men are among the most passionate, innovative, and involved. Throughout the year, you will hear about what Alpha Psi Rho is doing for our Asian Pacific Islander Culture.

Our Legacy

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